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Café Blossom, New York

One of the reasons why we love New York so much is it’s full of places where you can get really interesting vegan food. On one of our trips to New York we spotted Café Blossom. We were in the right area at the right time. That was in 2010 but Café Blossom is still going strong.

At the time I didn’t have my blog so I don’t have photos but I scanned in their menu and tracked down the exact food we had –I still have my notes you see.

Café Blossom’s food is vegan and organic. Basically their ingredients are harvested from local farms. We both had Southern Seitan Sandwich which is spiced seitan, caramelized onions, avocado and it comes with chipotle aioli (photo below).

Southern Seitan Sandwich

And to drink:
Pink Lady (beet, pineapple, ginger, pear)
Forest (apple, celery, parsley, lemon, ginger)

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