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Bounty Burgers

I absolutely love the idea of having a local company when it comes to vegan burgers. They are light and full of flavour. Unlike many other vegan burgers in the market, they are not full of salt. Easy to cook; ready in 4 minutes. However, they don’t hold their shape properly; they crumble.

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Each box has 4 burgers in them. They are packed with tissue paper between the layers which makes them so easy to seperate. Something every frozen food producing company should do.

Ingredients: Water, Soy Proteins, Wheat Gluten, Malt Extract, Flavour, Salt, Plant Fibre, Vegetable Powders, Vegetable Oil (no palm oil or canola), Yeast Extract, Xantham (Vegetable) Gum, Colour (150c), Natural Flavour.

Cooking instructions as on the box: Pan fry from frozen in 1 tbsp good oil for 2 minutes per side on a medium heat. Same for the barbeque. OR (this is very cool) pop frozen into the toaster, cook several times.

Serving Ideas
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Storing your Bountyness: Store in freezer. In case they are thawed, keep them in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days.

Where to buy: I buy mine from Taste Organics but there are many places all over Australia including online shops where you can get Bounty Burgers. For the full list of suppliers just scoot across to Bounty Burger website.

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