ActiFry – the one and only kitchen gadget for me

Is there a kitchen gadget that you can’t live without? I don’t think I ever promoted any of my kitchen gadgets to that rank until I bought this ActiFry by Tefal.

To be completely honest, I had no plans of adding another kitchen appliance to my small and dysfunctional kitchen but I’m glad I did. It wasn’t love at first sight. My first encounter with this gadget was at a friend’s place in Istanbul. Because she is such a zucchini lover, she fries large quantities of the vegetable and eats the whole lot after gym. Clearly, ActiFry is working for her. But what about me? Would I be going to the gym? Would I like zucchini more? Would eating ActiFried zucchini make me taller like my friend? More importantly, would I use it?

Before I even got my answers to those questions, the ActiFry sightings in Australia were already happening. First we located one at Harvey Norman and then The Good Guys. At some stage we even came across the competitor’s gizmo: Philips Air Fryer.

My husband wanted to get involved and that is a very good thing as he is fantastic at reading and comparing reviews about anything electronic. Well, in the end, we bought one from Costco for AUD239.99.

Yes, it’s big but ActiFry turned out to be incredibly versatile. I use it all the time and some days, it doesn’t even go back in the kitchen cupboard. What makes ActiFry special is that you use a tablespoon of oil to make a kilo of potato chips.

The cookbook that came with it was a big disappointment though. Clearly, it is designed for Australians but it is boring and not suitable for vegans. My dear friend again came to the rescue. She told me about Tefal’s ActiFry website with recipes –in Turkish. If you open an account with them for free, you can even put together an online ActiFry recipe book. In the end, basics came from one place and interesting or potential ideas came from another. The photos you see on here as part of this post, all made in ActiFry.

Now, I have a special cookbook chapter in Living Cookbook –the recipe software I use to store my recipes, archives, etc. – for every recipe that I cook in ActiFry. Actually, they should pay me to write their vegan friendly cookbook for ActiFry.

5 thoughts on “ActiFry – the one and only kitchen gadget for me

  1. I assume by now you had a great experience uring Actifry and hope you will share it with us. Which vegetables you CANNOT fry in Actifry? We have to watch our diet and eat mostly vegetarian. Can you fry white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage. What Chinese cabbage? And whole chinese style stir-fry? It seems that most recipes are with frozen stuff from the grocery store or French fries (we are sick of already). Did you know while making French fries potatoes shrink considerably and you end up eating more potato than you would every before? Hope to hear from you about what Not to fry. Thanks.
    1. Hi There, first of all, I have been using my ActiFry a lot and it already looks old :) So far, I tried frying vegetables with harder texture like potatoes, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, summer squash and pumpkin. Also, capsicum, asparagus and banana chillies respond ActiFrying well too. As you observed yourself, depending on the moisture content, potatoes do shrink. Try drier varieties like kipflers. I still stick to certain numbers of potatoes per head rather than how much I am left with after the cooking process. That way, you still have a reasonable amount although it looks less. Keeping the potato skin on helps a little and I find processed olive oil creates crispier results. Himalayan pink salt is something I wouldn't recommend as it gets incredibly floury. Never made a whole stir-fry in it therefore never fried cabbage of all sorts but one thing I would've liked to be able to fry in ActiFry is eggplant. I don't think it would work as eggplants need a lot of oil to go crispy on the outside while not so mushy on the inside. I hope that helps. Thank you for dropping by and all the best.

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