As you may have noticed, I enjoy food immensely. I believe strongly that just because you choose not to eat meat does not mean that you cannot be a “foodie” and have a much wider and varied repertoire than just pasta or salad.

My journey started many years ago in Turkey (my home country) while I was running with my own restaurant. After a downward health spiral based on a meat-centric diet aligned with food we were serving, I started my journey into vegetarianism. Within a very short space of time I found my health vastly improved and learning just how dangerous our consumption of meat can be.

While I was still studying nutrition in Australia, my food and nutrition related articles have been published back in Turkey in an agricultural magazine called Agroskop.

Recently, I finished my nutrition related studies. I am now certified in many areas such as Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Ayurveda, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition, Food and Environmental Allergies and am also a Master Therapist of Natural Therapies.

My first article was about vegetables -as seen below.

The second one is about legumes -as seen below.
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Currently I live in Sydney with my husband and an Australian silky terrier.

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  1. Hey I discovered your page by mistake while I was searching Yahoo for recipes, I must tell you that your website is definitely valuable. I also enjoy the style, it is beautiful!
  2. The taste of your recipies... yum yum yum. I mean the way you write. Thanks a lot for letting us have those delicious experiences.
    1. Hi Deb, that lovely lady is my mother-in-law actually. Thank you for your kind words and hope you come back again. By the way, if you are in Auckland, check Hector's. They have a vegan menu and the food is excellent! It is part of Heritage Hotel. We also like Loving Hut for lunches. Both reviews are on VegFusion. Thanks for dropping by...

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