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Turkish Tabbouleh Salad or Anne Kısırı

Kısır is Turkish version of Tabbouleh. I guess there are two types of Kısır in Turkish cuisine. One with tomato paste –or hot pepper paste- and one without. The one with any kind of paste is the sticky one and that's what you get from most Turkish döner kebab places. My mum’s version, on the… Continue reading Turkish Tabbouleh Salad or Anne Kısırı

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Product Review: Massel Gravy Mix Supreme

I have been using Massel Gravy Mix Supreme for a long time now. I tried other brands including some vegan ones directly imported from the UK. At the end of the day, Massel Gravy Mix Supreme is the one I can easily get from our local supermarket. And is delicious, too! Apparently, Massel gravy comes… Continue reading Product Review: Massel Gravy Mix Supreme

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Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown, revisited

This is our second time at Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown. Last time it was us and Rachel as her husband couldn’t make it because of an emergency operation. This time though, we all made it. Eventually. And it was a pleasure to catch up with friend in a nice atmosphere with incredible food. You may have… Continue reading Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown, revisited


Ingredient Profile: Strawberries

A Harbinger of Summer: Strawberries Strawberries were first cultivated in ancient Rome. Well, that’s not a surprise as Romans knew how to be indulgent. I believe strawberries are now the most popular berry fruit in the world. But, did you know that in provincial France, they were regarded as an aphrodisiac? One of the interesting… Continue reading Ingredient Profile: Strawberries