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Gran Chorizo from Wheaty

Wheaty's Gran Chorizo is vegan version of the famous Spanish classic which is also palm oil free and organic. It is not one of those refrigerated products, so it sits in your pantry until it's needed –after that it needs to be kept refrigerated though. It's quite spicy and delicious. To be honest, if it… Continue reading Gran Chorizo from Wheaty

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review: Aria, Sydney

For significant celebrations, my husband and I normally ask for a vegetarian degustation menu with wine pairing. As vegetarians, we hate to turn up and announce that we’re vegetarians at the last minute. So instead we ring ahead of time and ask if they can put together a vegetarian tasting menu for us and most upscale… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Aria, Sydney

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Green Lentils and Noodle Soup or Bacaklı Çorba

Coming back from 5 week Europe holiday including Turkey, I decided to cook something Turkish. Since the weather here in Australia is cold at this time of the year, I thought a soup would be the best. This was one of my Dad’s favourite soups growing up in Northern part of Turkey where the cuisine… Continue reading Green Lentils and Noodle Soup or Bacaklı Çorba


One of my creations is in Super Food Ideas Magazine

A few months ago, I participated Home Cook Hero competition on Best Recipes which is the website of Super Food Ideas magazine. I heard about the competition on the last minute and I had another important deadline at the same time too.  Nevertheless, I managed to put together a few recipes and submitted them during… Continue reading One of my creations is in Super Food Ideas Magazine