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Nilgiri’s Masala Dosai

Photo credit: John Slaytor Peoples, this is really cool: I have Nilgiri’s masala dosai recipe for you, with courtesy of Ajoy Joshi. Ajoy was kind enough to give me permission to publish his own recipe here. Although we tried dosais at other restaurants including some authentic ones both in Australia and in India, we still… Continue reading Nilgiri’s Masala Dosai

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Wellbean Instant Soup Series

During one of the Cruelty Free Festivals, someone from one of those stalls gave me a sachet of instant soup to try at home. It was Pumpkin Mushroom Soup. And I did try it; it wasn’t too bad. I thought I would mention the company here. Anything to make a vegetarian/vegan life easier is welcomed… Continue reading Wellbean Instant Soup Series

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Nilgiri’s Sunday Buffet

Let me tell you, Nilgiri's Sunday Buffet is another kind of feast. Every Sunday this all-you-can-eat buffet serves an incredible variety of dishes. Some of the foods are like breads and masala dosai are even cooked in front of you. Especially those flying rotis are a must see when they happen. Menu for Sunday Buffet… Continue reading Nilgiri’s Sunday Buffet

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Kinda Bacon

Kinda Bacon is an Australian made vegan and gluten free product. It is made out of organic coconut with smoky and salty notes. As for the texture; crispy comes to mind. It kind of works as a flavour enhancer when added to dishes. Ingredients • Organic coconut flakes • Tamari • All natural liquid smoke… Continue reading Kinda Bacon

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Breaded Cauliflower with Garlic Yoghurt and Burnt Chilli Dressing

Can deep fried food be light and fluffy? With the help of right ingredients, the answer is yes. The “right” ingredients here are lemon juice and Pellegrino or any mineral water. Somehow, they add this lightness to a breaded and deep fried cauliflower or any other vegetable without the unbearableness. I hope you know which… Continue reading Breaded Cauliflower with Garlic Yoghurt and Burnt Chilli Dressing

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Tellicherry ‘Coastal Eats by Nilgiri’s’ Neutral Bay, Sydney

Named after famous Tellicherry pepper, this tiny little boutique place is actually Nilgiri’s sister restaurant. When Ajoy told us he was planning on opening a new, boutique restaurant in Sydney we were absolutely overjoyed. As we all know, if Ajoy does it, he does it spectacularly. What we didn’t know at the time, though, that… Continue reading Tellicherry ‘Coastal Eats by Nilgiri’s’ Neutral Bay, Sydney