Thai Chilli & Lime Cakes from Sanitarium


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These have been sitting in my freezer for quite some time and I’ve almost forgotten about them until it was time to clean my freezer. As you may know, Sanitarium now has a bunch of new products along with revamped … Continue reading

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin


I must admit, the title put me off all this time. I thought it was incredibly common, classless and inappropriate. However, at the end of the day, I’m a clinical nutritionist and I should be reading pretty much anything that is ever written on the subject of eating right. So I decided to read it regardless and here’s what I think:

The book has some solid information –an eye-opener for a lot people especially if they are new to the subject –and nutritional information is presented in an easy, digestible form that anyone can understand. Everything is well referenced which is very important especially if you want to be taken seriously within the field. However, the execution of it, the language the authors use is just foul. On the back cover they say they are your “smart-mothed girlfriends” I think what they should’ve said “foul-mouthed girlfriends” instead. Here’s an example from the book:

“Do not be lulled into a false sense of security that our government keeps food safe. News of the avian influenza epidemic came and went, but the disease is very real and can run rampant in poultry flocks. And according to a survey by the National Research Council, one chicken processing plant had 90 percent of its poultry contaminated with salmonellosis. Ninety fucking percent! Nasty.”

See what I mean?

Masterfoods Tartare Sauce


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I actually have a very good tartare sauce recipe but you should see the list of ingredients. Sometimes, you just want someone else to do the work for you. When that time comes, Masterfoods Tartare Sauce is the right stuff … Continue reading

Bubble of My Soul Koftas

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I can hear you all going “Bubble of what?” so let me explain: I have a secret cooking ritual I perform from Monday till Friday, pretty much every week. I’m not going into details here because it’s personal but a part of it is shareable. OK, I put music on before I start cooking. My hair goes up, I have a glass of wine or Mojito if I have lime and fresh mint. And I sing along. I’m going to have to censor myself here; what follows is kind of private but cooking and creating part isn’t. If I come up with a new dish or successfully convert one, at that very moment, the song that is playing will definitely share the same name as my dish. No song at the time of creation? Then it’ll be the book that I’m reading at the time. Remember Sister of My Heart?

Who do I listen? Toto and individual work of Toto members. Because of that reason, so far I’ve been through some “Ever Changing Times”, I “Transition”ed for awhile, “Vertigo”ed myself at some stage and even faced “Protocol II” but mostly I was “Falling in Between”.

Back to the bubbles… The day I converted traditional Turkish koftas into these vegetarian ones, I was listening to Toto’s track Bottom of My Soul. With a difference though. While Steve Lukather was singing the song, the excited me in the kitchen hearing it all Bubble of my Soul instead of Bottom of My Soul! The name kind of stuck as you can imagine.

Recipe Notes:
• Kofta mixture below makes quite a lot of koftas and it would be advisable to freeze some of that. Just remember to line each layer with a sheet of plastic bag. I cut supermarket ones to size. It just works. You could also put them in spate zip lock bags.
• These koftas can be baked or grilled if you would like to cut down on oil. Arrange the koftas on an oven tray, brush them with oil and bake them for 20 minutes.

Ingredients for these Bubbles:
2/3 tin Sanitarium Nutmeat, grated
1 cup cooked brown rice or fine bulghur (soaked in hot water)
1 onion, grated
1 clove garlic, crushed (minced)
A handful flat-leaf parsley, chopped finely
2 teaspoon kofte bahari (Turkish kofta mixture)
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 teaspoon salt
Vegetable oil for frying

To serve:
Potato chips
Grilled peppers (banana chillies are the best and the most authentic)
Grilled tomatoes
Red cabbage salad

To make the koftas:
• Mix together Sanitarium Nutmeat, brown rice, chopped onion, garlic, vegetable oil, kofte bahari, ground cumin, parsley, salt and pepper in a large mixing bowl. Knead the mixture for about 5 minutes. Cover the mixing bowl with cling film and place it in your fridge. The longer the better.
• Take the mixture out of the fridge. Get a little bowl of water ready. Dip your hands, one by one, into this bowl of water. Take a handful of the mixture and roll it into a ball first, then sightly flatten with your hand. I like mine slightly oval, by the way –as seen in the photo. Continue with this procedure until all the mixture is shaped up in the same way.

To fry the Koftas:
• Heat a reasonable amount of vegetable oil in a non-stick frying pan and fry the koftas on both sides and drain on paper towel.

To serve:
• Serve warm with potato chips, grilled peppers and tomato halves and red cabbage salad.

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