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Eggplant (Aubergine) Rolls

I have been planning on making some sort of eggplant rolls for a very long time. I even found out how to tie up the rolls with spring onion but it seems like I had to wait until I had some left overs to put together this: Eggplant (Aubergine) Rolls Ingredients: 4 grilled eggplant (aubergine)… Continue reading Eggplant (Aubergine) Rolls

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Nilgiri’s, St Leonard, Sydney

Our tastebuds are dancing with A-joy every time we go to Nilgiri’s; no exceptions! This has been the case since we discovered Nilgiri’s about 13 years ago. Soon after our discovery, we became friends with Ajoy Joshi (the owner of Nilgiri’s) and today, we are one of their regular customers. Of course, we introduced our… Continue reading Nilgiri’s, St Leonard, Sydney

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Salt n Pepper Tofu

I usually don’t like abbreviations but I thought Salt n Pepper tofu looked kind of cute. What do you think? Needless to say that we love this dish. Its simplicity and texture kind of speak to us. We even bought a deep fryer just to make salt and pepper tofu. Of course, I use it… Continue reading Salt n Pepper Tofu

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Fried Rice

This fluffy and light rice dish is ideal to serve with a variety of Chinese dishes, or, if you prefer, as a light snack. To make it more substantial, I added diced vegetarian ham. As for the soy sauce, I used light soy sauce here because I like it better and it is easier for… Continue reading Fried Rice

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Bukhara Pilaf

Inspired by an incredibly old recipe from an incredibly old cookbook –I think it was my mum’s. Well, the recipe evolved over time in my kitchen but it still must be one of the first non-standard pilaf I have ever cooked in my life. I think the original recipe uses some sort of liver but… Continue reading Bukhara Pilaf

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Turkish Braised Cannellini Bean or Fasulye Pilaki

Pilaki is a generic term for a certain group of dishes –pilaki is plaki in Greek, by the way. Beans –either borlotti or cannellini –are cooked with onion, potato, carrot, sometimes tomato or tomato paste (in some cases both), garlic and olive oil. Pilakis are classified as mezze in Turkish cuisine and because of that,… Continue reading Turkish Braised Cannellini Bean or Fasulye Pilaki

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Curried Potato Salad, VegFusion style

I find potatoes incredibly versatile –yet, please don’t make me list all the things you can make by using potatoes here. Anyway, potato salads are probably one of my favourites in the realm of potato possibilities. Endless possibilities. If eggplant is the sultan of Turkish cuisine, then potatoes are the queen of Western style cooking.… Continue reading Curried Potato Salad, VegFusion style