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Café Blossom, New York

One of the reasons why we love New York so much is it’s full of places where you can get really interesting vegan food. On one of our trips to New York we spotted Café Blossom. We were in the right area at the right time. That was in 2010 but Café Blossom is still… Continue reading Café Blossom, New York

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Lamyong Vegetarian Prawn

I absolutely love these… So far I used them in Thai dishes and in some Indian ones too. Next stop will the classic prawn cocktail which we used to do at my restaurant (Family Tree) back in Turkey. A friend of mine also implemented them successfully in a battered form and reported back saying they… Continue reading Lamyong Vegetarian Prawn

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Zucchini Stew with Green Lentils

Zucchini Stew with Green Lentils is one healthy stew which ticks all the boxes. The good ones of course. It’s full of protein and nutritious without being heavy. Where I come from, it is a common practice to use legumes and grains in vegetable dishes. This way, you immediately upgrade your vegetables dishes –usually from a… Continue reading Zucchini Stew with Green Lentils