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The Living Cookbook – The one and only recipe software for me

I have been using Living Cookbook since 2010. It is a wonderful recipe software which does a lot of cool things for me. I am a Virgo so organising everything has a deeper meaning for me than most people out there. Here’s what you can do with Living Cookbook recipe software. You can organise: •… Continue reading The Living Cookbook – The one and only recipe software for me

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Vegan Duck Salad

Sometimes, a good salad is all I want for my lunches. Especially when the weather is right for some good, cool salad. Lamyong Golden Duck is ideal for that style of salad as it adds bulk to a fresh salad without being greasy. I actually thought I posted this recipe when I did the review… Continue reading Vegan Duck Salad

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Vegan Chicken and Okra in Clay-Pot

Soy nuggets are from a local Australian company, the okra is from Egypt and my clay-pot is actually made in Malaysia. The dish itself is Turkish. Welcome to my global kitchen! I decided to put two different versions of the dish together, covering all the good bits at one go. I believe, it worked really… Continue reading Vegan Chicken and Okra in Clay-Pot

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Beetroot Dip with Garlic and Cumin

The moment I noticed that small tin of beetroot in my pantry, the decision of making something like this was made. Well, this pink beauty was my lunch yesterday. It is so easy to make, has a nice colour and if you have it with crudités, it is also gluten free. And here’s the recipe…… Continue reading Beetroot Dip with Garlic and Cumin

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Bulgarian Cucumber and Walnut Appetizer

I have another “converted” Jewish recipe from Marlena Spieler’s Jewish Cooking book. I remember looking at this very recipe at the bookstore and making a snap decision of buying the book right there and then. At the time, I was vegetarian so the yoghurt bit didn’t bother me. However, I still haven’t found a palatable… Continue reading Bulgarian Cucumber and Walnut Appetizer


VeganMoFo 2013 Wrap Up

I am quite sad that VeganMoFo has come to an end. I’m not even tired. As a matter of fact, I was just warming up and now it’s over. Some of you may have noticed that I had a theme this year: Vegan Mediterranean Food. In the beginning, I made a list of Mediterranean countries.… Continue reading VeganMoFo 2013 Wrap Up