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Vegusto Sandwich Slices Deli-Style

These Deli-style Sandwich Slices are one of my favourite fake cold-meats. They are soft, slightly smoky and the peppery rind is absolutely delicious! Apparently, Deli-Style Slices are a replacement for a particular kind of meat that is popular in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. These tasty slices are great in sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise or hummus… Continue reading Vegusto Sandwich Slices Deli-Style

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Deep-Fried Spiced Baby Potatoes

I am the queen of doing things differently. Let me explain; the recipe below is from Meena Patak’s cookbook called Indian Cooking for Family and Friends. I remember making it once before although I cannot remember what changes I made on the day. Because this is something I do. I add something, change things. This… Continue reading Deep-Fried Spiced Baby Potatoes