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The Redwood VegiDeli Gourmet Meat Free Mince

Vegideli vegan mince is a soy based mince which is fortified with vitamin B6, B12 and Omega 3 and 6. It does not require long cooking methods, just heating through is enough and this alone makes VegiDeli Mince an incredibly fast and versatile product. All you need to do is to add your mince to… Continue reading The Redwood VegiDeli Gourmet Meat Free Mince

Product Reviews

Vegusto Sandwich Slices Deli-Style

These Deli-style Sandwich Slices are one of my favourite fake cold-meats. They are soft, slightly smoky and the peppery rind is absolutely delicious! Apparently, Deli-Style Slices are a replacement for a particular kind of meat that is popular in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. These tasty slices are great in sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise or hummus… Continue reading Vegusto Sandwich Slices Deli-Style

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Deep-Fried Spiced Baby Potatoes

I am the queen of doing things differently. Let me explain; the recipe below is from Meena Patak’s cookbook called Indian Cooking for Family and Friends. I remember making it once before although I cannot remember what changes I made on the day. Because this is something I do. I add something, change things. This… Continue reading Deep-Fried Spiced Baby Potatoes