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Turkish Lentil Soup or Mercimek Çorbası

Coming from a warm climate country, although I like hot weather, one thing I like about chilly weather is soups! This lentil soup is in particular quite warming because of cumin and turmeric is a great blood purifier. This is some ancient wisdom talking here, Peoples. My take on this classic Turkish soup involves using… Continue reading Turkish Lentil Soup or Mercimek Çorbası

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Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise

I absolutely love this mayonnaise! It's dairy-free (vegan), egg-free, non-GMO vegan mayonnaise made mainly from organic ingredients. With its light, creamy and smooth texture you can use it anywhere from salads, dips to sandwiches, not just where the usual mayonnaise can be used. Ingredients: Sunflower oil*, water, cider vinegar*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt, soya… Continue reading Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise