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Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook by Adam de Ath

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Rozelle has always been one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney. We probably had everything on the menu and decided that we like certain dishes more than others. For my husband Kumera & English Spinach Gnocchi is the one whereas I particularly like Tofu Skewers & Peanut Sauce but we always… Continue reading Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook by Adam de Ath

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Le Potager du Marais – Paris

When we were in Paris in 2007, we were doing this around the world trip and Paris was on the map too. Before we left cold Melbourne with the plan of never going back, I put together a little book with all those vegetarian restaurants wherever we planned to visit. I showed Paris section to… Continue reading Le Potager du Marais – Paris


My husband cooked tonight

If you want the recipe, please ask him:)

Restaurant Reviews

Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant – St Leonards

Green Gourmet in St Leonards is one of my favourite Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Sydney. I think we discovered it about 9 years ago. I just love the way Peter's face lights up when he sees us and Doris greeting us in her lovely "chatty" manner. We tried a great variety of dishes to date; Steamed BBQ… Continue reading Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant – St Leonards

Restaurant Reviews

Crisp, New York

One of the great vegetarian lunch places we discovered in New York. Although we were close to the one on 110 West 40th Street now they seem to have more branches. I particularly recommend the handbag option. Pick it up and go to Bryant Park. They have chairs and tables in the park for people to sit down and… Continue reading Crisp, New York

Product Reviews

Redwood Vegideli Thai “Style” Cakes

Vegi-Deli Thai Fish"Style" Cakes are vegan. They are made with chickpeas, onions and potato and flavoured with lemongrass, galangal and lime. Serving suggestions: Sweet chilli sauce, cucumber salsa, vegan mayonnaise Can be purchased from for $8.95  Ingredients: Chickpeas (46%), onions (15%), sunflower oil, wheat gluten, soya protein, dried potato (5%), flavouring, coconut, spices, lemongrass,… Continue reading Redwood Vegideli Thai “Style” Cakes

Product Reviews

Product Review: Massel Stock Powder Beef Style

Massel Stock Powder Beef Style is all vegetable, vegan, kosher with no animal or GMO content and MSG, gluten and lactose free product. I'm telling you it is a great alternative to straight forward -and sometimes boring- vegetable stock. I seem to be using Massel Stock Powder Beef Style a lot in my recipes but… Continue reading Product Review: Massel Stock Powder Beef Style

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Vegetarian Çökertme Kebab

Ok, I confess… I still have non-vegetarian cookbooks and clippings from magazines. I even came back from Turkey with quite a few material containing unethical stuff. Why? Because some of them are modifiable in vegetarian cooking. The recipe below is coming from an incredible famous recipe magazine which I picked up from Istanbul airport on… Continue reading Vegetarian Çökertme Kebab

Lamyong Range · Product Reviews

Lamyong Vegetarian Satay Sticks

We decided to add Lamyong’s Vegetarian Satay Sticks to our dinner –Vegan Singapore Noodles- the other night as a starter. They are from Lamyong’s Vagos line and made in Malaysia. In the box you find 12 sticks –made from gluten sticks- and a sachet of peanut sauce. Although hey are called Vegetarian Satay Sticks, they… Continue reading Lamyong Vegetarian Satay Sticks


Just a quote…

"People often say that humans have always eaten animals, as if this is a justification for continuing the practice. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from murdering other people, since this has also been done since the earliest of times." Isaac Bathsevis Singer (1904- ) US Author, Essayist