Melrose Organic Sunflower Mayonnaise


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Melrose Organic Sunflower Mayonnaise Melrose organic sunflower mayonnaise is egg and cholesterol free and has a delightful appetising taste. Melrose Organic Sunflower Mayonnaise is free from lactose, dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast, artificial flavours, colours or preservative. It is also not … Continue reading

Green Gourmet – Newtown

Green Gourmet - Newtown

Newtown has quite a few vegan/vegetarian places to eat and Green Gourmet is one of the oldest establishments in the area. Normally, we go to Green Gourmet St Leonards because it is closer to home but we were in the area during lunchtime two weeks ago and decided to pop in for a vegan yum cha and do our vegan grocery shopping next door at Vegan’s Choice.


Condiments, already on each table and I always get a pot of jasmine tea.

Dim Sims

These bite-size dim sims are light and full of flavour.

My favourite; BBQ not pork bun

One of my old time favourites from vegan Chinese cuisine. We bought some frozen ones from Vegan’s Choice to steam at home.

Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese rice paper rolls. So fresh and cruncy. I lovethe way they do tofu.

A total beancurd feast… Although these drumsticks are deep fried, they are still incredibly light.

Green Gourmet Restaurant Newtown
115-117 King St, Newtown
Ph: 02-9519 5330

Govinda Restaurant – Aguas Calientes


We arrived in Aguas Calientes after a funny train trip from Ollentaytambo. The funny thing about it was that staff on the train put up this fashion show to sell jumpers. Well, only in Peru, I guess:) Aguas Calientes is the town at the base of the famous ancient city; Machu Picchu (see the last photo at the end of this post). We arrived midday and it gave us the opportunity to eat at Govinda’s twice.


Is your rubbish organico or inorganico?

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant is loacated on a side road leading into the Plaza de Armas, not far from the Hot Springs.

Like most Govindas, they mostly serve Indian food and is vegan-friendly. However, because they are catering for tourists, it is possible to see some Peruvian and international dishes on the menu. Mock meat made of soy is commonly used. Peruvian dishes that are made with quinoa are ever so interesting. They also do breakfast.

We ate at Govinda’s twice while we were there. After having Lomo Saltado Montado in Lima, we thought it would be worth trying their version. Their version had rice, soy meat, fried potatoes, tomatoes and spinach served with fried bananas (20 soles).

The other dish we tried there was called Segundo de Verduras Especial (15 soles) which is rice with potatoes, soy meat and vegetables. This was recommended by our waiter; Anthony. I also remember trying sauteed vegetables and fresh herbs which was a light and vibrant dish.

Must warn you, the service is very slow as the food is prepared fresh -by the owner, appearently using Ayurvedic principles. Anyway, it is worth waiting for.

Machu Picchu

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant
Av. Pachacutek No: 20
Aguas Calientes

Restaurant El Vegetariano

Plaza de Armas, Lima

Restaurant El Vegetariano had quickly become our favourite spot in Lima, we went there most nights. It is owned by the former owner of Bircher-Benner which is another famous vegetarian retaurant in Lima.

This was the first vegetarian restaurant in Peru where we tried the vegetarian version of Lomo Saltado (they call it Lomolife Saltado). Although the menu is in English, they don’t speak a word of it but they find a way to communicate with you regardless.

Restaurant el Vegetariano

Inexpensive vegetarian restaurant with lovely atmosphere and good service. Everything we had there was made freshly and tasty.

Restaurant El Vegetariano
Calle Cantaurias 285 Miraflores
Ph: (01)445-6503

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant – Singapore

It was a lovely surprise to discover Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant only two days before our return to Sydney. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by a friendly and helpful waitress who turned out to be the owner’s friend, helping out for the day. Immediately, recommendations were made and we were on a different style of culinary journey.

black-pepper-with-monkeyBlack pepper with Monkey Head Mushroom. This photo of Eight Treasures Vegetarian is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Located right next to Singapore  Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown, Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant is beautifully decorated with wooden tables and stunning lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The staircase, beams on the ceiling and floor all dark wood which is a lovely contrast to yellow walls.


Vegetarian Roasted Duck. This photo of Eight Treasures Vegetarian is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Eight Treasures is bringing the widest variety of premium vegetarian dishes that use only the freshest natural ingredients. The reason why it is called Eight Treasures is because they have eight signature dishes. The menu has quite a few tasty examples of vegetarian versions of local dishes from Chinese and Peranakan (Nyonya) cuisines.

Some Popular Dishes

Our favourite dish here is Nyonya Style Vegetarian Fish with brinjals, onion, chillies, tomato and okra (lady’s fingers) cooked in an incredibly fragrant sauce. After falling in love with this dish I had to investigate this Nyonya business. Since you can get vegetarian fish chunks in Australia, all I need to know how to make the sauce. Simple! And so it happens, I found a cookbook -not vegetarian- at one of those bookstores for S$4.90 but my heart sank when I found out that the original recipe has shrimp paste in it. Would it still taste good if I left it out? I had no idea and no one to ask but a miracle happened at Miracle Supermarket in Chatswood. There it was, this little glass bottle of Singapore Nyonya Curry Paste produced by a company called Tropicana sitting on the shelf and it had no shrimp paste in it!

If you ever find yourselves in Singapore, go and try Nyonya Style Vegetarian Fish at Eight Treasures. Until then, you are going to have to wait for my recipe to show up on the site -which is soon.

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
282A South Bridge Road
Ph: 6534 7727
MRT: Tanjong Pagar

Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide


Before we travel, I normally put together a list of vegetarian/vegan places to eat –a print-out from, that is- so that we will not go hungry at our destination country. I bind the booklet nicely, add a nice cover –for this particular one, I chose Gustave Caillebotte’s The Floor Scrapers- and make it look like home-made publication. This was exactly what I did last time we visited Singapore but there was no need for something like that as Singapore has come a long way in tourism. Now all you need to do is to find a Tourist Office, have a foot massage -performed by huge Osim machines-, a glass of cold water, chill out for a while and ask for a copy of Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide.

Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide is one of Vegetarian Society Singapore’s publication which is renewed every year and  sold by the society to locals. The food guide is divided into districts and features over 100 restaurants.

And it looks like this…

Cruelty Free Festival 2011

We try to attend Cruelty Free Festival every year although the last two years have been incredibly unpredictable for us as my mother had a stroke and eventualy passed away last May.

This year though, there  will be over 60 stalls selling cruelty-free products. A couple of years ago we had the most delicious soy-chai and pumpkin cake at the festival. They were so delicious we still talk about them to date.

Here’s some information from the actual Cruelty-Free Festival’s website

The Food Hall

Stalls from food and drink businesses selling a wide selection of options that will open your eyes to the wealth of choice on offer if you wish to lead a cruelty free lifestyle.  You’ll find hot lunch options, smoothies & juices, pastries, snacks and sweets from all around the globe.
Addiction Food –
Bounty Burgers –
RP’s Pastry –
Authentic Turkish Gozleme
Macquariedale Organic Wine –
Funky Pies –
Go Vege
Pure Dawning Specialty Cakes –
Socially Vegan Cakes –
RA Café Pty Ltd – coffee
Sweet William –
Conscious Choice –
Good Food Catering

Licensed Bar

Why not visit the licensed bar for an afternoon beer or glass of wine to help wash down your lunch.

The Shopping Mall

Browse an amazing array of products from certified Choose Cruelty Free product producers including skin care, cosmetics, home cleaning products, baby care, companion animal care and so much more.  Discover new brands that don’t support animal testing!  You’ll also find ethical clothing (sweatshop free), cruelty free shoes, bags and belts.
The Cruelty Free Shop –
Ethnic Spirit (clothing and jewellery)
Vegan Perfection –
The Personal Vegan –
Cruelty Free Super –
Trinature –
Cherish Vintage Treasures –
Riolife (Acai berries) –
Vegepooch –
Plant Therapy –
VeganWares –
Roocci –

The Caring Quarter

There will be stalls from a diverse range of animal rights, rescue and welfare groups providing easy access to information about their work to help animals. Learn about volunteering or ways that you help your local animal rescue shelter, sponsor a koala, a rescued Moon bear or an orangutan, consider kinder dietary choices for the animals, the planet & you, adopt a homeless cat or dog, and sign a petition.  There are many ways in which you can get involved and they will be plenty of advice and guidance to get you started!
The Australian Orangutan Project –
Big Birds, Big Cruelty (Animal Lib ACT) –
Soi Dog Australia –
Free The Bears –
Hunter Valley Brumby Association –
Animal Liberation NSW –
The Wilderness Society –
MAWA Trust –
Vegan Australia –
Australian Vegetarian Society –
Peanuts Funny Farm –
Animal Welfare League NSW –
NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee –
Cat Protection Society –
Animal Justice Party –
Animals Australia –
Oscar’s Law –
Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption –
Choose Cruelty Free –
Sydney Buddhist Centre –

I left some bread outside for possums tonight

I love possums unlike a “real” local because thay are considered as pests over here in Australia. I think they are cute and they seem to love me back because I leave some apples and bread outside the backyard or maybe because I name them like “bushy tail” or “rat tail” I don’t know. I usually leave some left overs for them anyway. When they have babies they are kind of proud to show me their little ones. I am delighted to see how the mothers carry them on their backs.

This was such an unusual encounter for me to see him in daylight as possums are nocturnal animals. I named him bushy tail and she proved me that he wasn’t a “he” by bringing her baby possum one night. Nevertheless, I was honoured to meet him -her- during the day while I was taking some rubbish out.

Sanitarium Vegie Roast with Rosemary and Mint Glaze


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This is a vegan roast made from plant protein and it comes with a little bag of rosemay and mint glaze. Can be purchased from major supermarkets in Australia. Cooking Instructions: Lightly coat vegie roast with a vegetable oil of … Continue reading